Midten Bore Sight Kit Bright Green Boresighter for 0.17-12GA Caliber
Laser Bore Sight Kit with Super Bright Green Laser Beam
Laser Boresighter with Stable Arbor
Laser Bore Sight Kit with 16 Upgraded Bore Adapters
Bore Sight Kit with Upgraded Battery for Long Battery Life
Green Laser Bore Sighter Kit with Big Button Switch
Laser Boresighter Kit with Additional Arbor for .54-12GA Calibers
Bright Green Laser Bore Sight Kit for Aiming and Targeting
Red Laser Bore Sight Kit with 16 Adapters for .17-12GA caliber

Midten Bore Sight Kit Bright Green or Red Dot Boresighter for 0.17-12GA Caliber

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Bore Sight Kit Overview

  • Upgraded 16 Adapters with Numbers: Bore sighting laser comes with 16 adapters, suitable for .17-12GA Caliber. The serial number clearly marked on the adapters, convenient for you to quickly select the suitable adapter for the caliber.
  • Efficiency: Increase the accuracy with pre-set green laser, no need manual adjustments, providing a precise reference to zero your optics or iron sights, saving cartridges and shells. Class IIIA laser; less than 5mW.
  • Powerful Green Laser Beam: Super bright and clear green laser, the visibility of the laser bore sight is up to 100 yards. Lightly pressed the button to turn ON/OFF the laser. Convenient for you to zero in any weather conditions.
  • 5 Hours Long Battery Life: 800mAh of each battery can last up to 5 hours. The laser boresighter comes with an extra battery attached, totally 2 batteries. You can replace the battery at any time, and no need to worry about power off when outside.
  • New Arbor Accessory: Our bore sighting laser kit comes with an arbor as an auxiliary tool. For .54-12GA caliber, the arbor can form 2 contact points with the muzzle when installed on the bore sight, improves the stability of the laser bore sighter.

Green Laser Bore Sighter Description

Green Laser Bore Sight Kit with 16 Adapters for 0.17-12GA Caliber

Numerical Reference

Laser Green, Red
Product Length 7 inch/17.78 cm
Power Battery 1x CR2 (one more extra battery attached)
Fit caliber 0.17-12GA calibers
Max Output <5 mw
Wavelength 532nm-556nm

Choose Your Suitable Adapter

16 upgraded adapters. Perfectly fit for 0.17 to 12GA caliber. The number mark on the adapter can help you choose the right caliber adapter faster.

laser bore sight kit multiple caliber for .17 to 12ga caliber

Easy and quick installation steps

how to install the laser boresighter kit for pistols and rifles

1×arbor, make the boresighter stable

bore sight kit for all guns

The clear green laser beam can provide a precise reference for zeroing and sighting at your target quickly.

MidTen boresighter green laser bore sight kit

Bore Sight Kit with 2 Upgraded Batteries

Press Button Switch

Big and sensitive button switch

Just lightly press to turn ON/OFF the light, control it conveniently.

green laser bore sight kit with big button switch

Precise reference to zero-in optic or iron sights, reduce the waste of cartridges and shells.

Precise Laser Boresighter Kit with 16 Adapters for Aiming

How to Use Our Laser Boresight Kit?

Our green laser bore sighting kit is suitable for 0.17-12GA caliber (including but not limited to 223 cal/5.56mm; 9mm/308 cal;6.5mm; 12GA cal).

  1. Spin the adapter with couple times till it is close to the size of your caliber.
  2. Insert the small rod of laser bore sight into the barrel.
  3. Screw the bore sighter untill it stays tight inside breeches chamber in the barrel.

The green laser dot is easy to distinguish from your red dot aiming marks.


1. Keep boresighter's beam away from eyes.

2. Before bore sighting your scope, make sure that the firearm is unloaded and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.

3. After the firearms is bore sighted, make sure to remove the bore sighting laser and adapter from the firearm.

Package of Laser Bore Sight Kit Multiple Caliber Includes:

1* Boresighter/16* Adapters fit .17-12GA caliber

2* CR2 battery (800mAh each battery)/1* Screwdriver

1* Instructions/1* Padded storage box

MidTen laser bore sighter kit packling details

Laser Bore Sighter Kit Technical Details